Show & Tell – for Everyone!

Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls, children of all ages!
Step right up and join Baxter’s Show-Off Show!
Come one, come all to an unbelievable online event filled with
daring crafts and awesome arts, marvelous stories and mind boggling poetry!

What have you created during the quarantine?
SHOW IT OFF at Baxter’s Show-Off Show!

Art pieces, music, poems, science experiments, works of clay or wood or metal, videos, knitting and crocheting projects, art parodies, origami, photography, gardens, stories, Lego constructions, computer programs, comics – even face masks! Whatever it is, here’s your chance to SHOW IT OFF May 18-22!

Just send a photograph, document or file to Shana any time
or post it on Baxter Memorial Library’s Facebook page May 18-22!

See you at the show!!