September 26-October 2 is Banned Books Week, an annual awareness campaign promoted by the American Library Association that celebrates the freedom to read and draws attention to banned and challenged books, stresses the importance of intellectual freedom, and helps to ensure the availability of unorthodox or unpopular viewpoints to all who wish to read them.  Banned Books Week is traditionally held during the last week of September, but we’ve been celebrating all month long!  Come find out which banned books are in your library (hint: there are LOTS!) and learn about challenges and bans that have taken place over the years.  Check out the banned books display (you won’t believe what’s there) and test your knowledge with banned books trivia questions!

We’re looking for big-hearted bakers to donate their tastiest apple pies, cakes and crisps! If you’d like to donate a homemade apple dessert to the library, just email or