Curbside Pickup

Jane Mount - Ideal Bookshelf

* Image by Jane Mount – scroll down for more information

Baxter Memorial Library now offers curbside pickup 2:00-6:00 PM Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays! How does it work, you ask?

1. Choose the materials you’d like to request.  Feel free to place holds online if you’re comfortable doing so.  If not, just email your requests, and I’ll place the holds for you.  You can also call the library at 763-2875 and leave a message specifying which items you’d like.  Remember, some items (such as puzzles) may not be entered into the system, so if you know we have something but you can’t find it in the catalog, just let me know. (Want to make sure your child always has reading material?  Let me know, and we can work out a weekly or bi-weekly standing order for books.  Ten picture books a week?  Three junior novels every two weeks?  A progression of easy readers?  We’ve got lots of wonderful, lonely books just waiting to be checked out.)

2. Using gloves and wearing a mask, I’ll gather your requests, disinfect the covers, and place them inside a grocery bag.  Then, I’ll set the bag on the back porch.  It will have a tag with your name and instructions for disinfecting or quarantining items once you get them home.

3. I’ll contact you via email and/or phone when your items are ready. 

**If you’re unable to pick up items during the designated curbside hours, email or call to let me know, and we can easily make arrangements.

How long is the lending period?
The lending period will be one month for all materials – old and new, books, DVDs, games, puzzles, you name it.  As usual, we’re not crazy-strict with return dates, but please consider that others might be wanting to read the material you’ve checked out (especially if it’s new).

Can I request items through interlibrary loan?
Absolutely!  Just email me the titles you’re interested in. I’ll request them and let you know when they arrive.

Are the materials quarantined?
Because the library now offers in-person services and encourages browsing (after using hand sanitizer or while wearing gloves), materials are no longer strictly quarantined. However, I can easily quarantine your chosen materials for a period of time before making them available to you. Just email me.

How will returns work?
Please return materials in the book slot in the front door and not the book drop in the back.  (The height of the book drop makes it difficult to retrieve items safely.)  If you have any items out currently, please return them using the book slot as soon as you are able.  

How will you handle returns?
Using gloves, I’ll retrieve items and then quarantine them for 4+ days before handling them. (A new study commissioned by IMLS, the Institute for Museum and Library Services, has found that the SARS-CoV-2 virus (the virus that causes COVID-19) is not detectable on library materials after four days of quarantine.  Here’s the nitty gritty.)

If you have any questions or concerns, send me an email or give me a call.  I’m happy to chat any time.  

(802) 763-2875 (Library)
(802) 333-9106 (Home)

* The image above is an illustration by the incredible Jane Mount. If you haven’t yet seen her collection of Ideal Bookshelves, do yourself a big favor and check them out right now. (You can also click on the image to see her Etsy shop.)