Summer Reading Program

Raffle Prizes for Readers and Writers!

Baxter the library dragon

Well, it’s almost the end of summer, and you know what that means: raffle prizes! If you’ve been busy reading and writing this summer, it’s time to cash in! Show me that you’ve been reading and/or writing up a storm, and I’ll award you tickets you can use to enter the raffle. How do you show off what you’ve done? Well, there are lots of ways.

• Reading log sticker sheets
• Photos of books you’ve read
• A list of books you’ve read
• Photos of stories or poems or, well, anything you’ve written
• Photos of the reading and/or writing challenges that were included in your packet
• Drawings of books you’ve read
• Or, just tell me about what you’ve read and written this summer!

Feel like you did some amazing literary activities this summer and you want a little recognition? Just show me what you got! It will probably earn you some tickets!

With so much going on right now, the raffle has been postponed through the end of the month – Wednesday, September 30th. Email me your reading logs, photos, stories, etc., and I’ll let you know how many tickets you’ve earned. Then, you choose which raffle lots you want to apply your tickets to and how many for each, and I’ll put your tickets toward those lots and send you the numbers. The drawing will take place on Thursday, October 1st. (Boy, that’s definitely not summer, anymore, is it?)

Good luck!!

Library dragon
drawing by Puput Wira Satya

Hi there – I’m Baxter, your helpful library dragon. Want to be a part of my summer reading program? No problem. Just let Shana know, and she’ll get you a packet. Included in your packet will be reading and writing challenges, lots of fun writing prompts, stickers, notebooks, magnetic bookmarks and more!

Do you have to do everything?  Of course not!  Pick and choose what looks most fun to you.  Do you like to color?  (There are some pretty cool coloring sheets.)  Maybe you prefer to draw.  (Did you see the create-your-own-books?  Or the blank comic strips?)  Or write.  (Check out the 100 crazy writing prompts!)   Hey, I’ve even included an invitation to a weekly virtual craft hour!

What about the usual reading log?  It’s here, too!  You can track any way you like! 

1. You can use the sticker sheet and small stickers that are included.  Write on the sticker sheet how much reading time each sticker stands for: 5 minutes, 10 minutes, a half hour – it’s up to you! 
2. You can write down the names of the books you read.
3. You can write down the names of the books you read and how long you read them.
4. You can draw a picture of each book you read.
5. You can take a photo of yourself with each book and send them to

Have another idea?  That probably works, too!

How do you get books from the library these days?  Curbside pickup!  Just call or email to let us know what books you want to read, and we’ll gather them up, get them ready for you, and put them on the porch for you to pick up.  Keep track, and at the end of the summer, turn in your reading log, and you’ll receive tickets that you can use to enter our end-of-summer raffle.

“How can I earn extra tickets?” I hear you asking.  (I have very good hearing.  I am a dragon, after all.)  Completing the reading challenge on the yellow sheet, or the writing challenge on the orange sheet will earn you extra tickets.  (Yes, yes, I hear you.  That writing challenge is huge!  Okay, even just completing a line – like in BINGO – will earn extra tickets.)  Use the create-your-own-books in the packet and earn extra tickets.   Or, maybe you have a better idea!  If it’s reading or writing related, it very well might earn you some extra tickets – just show me what you’ve got!

Now for the part you’ve been waiting for… the PRIZES!  The library will be raffling off some stellar prizes later this year, including lots of brand new books! At the end of the summer, you’ll be able to use your raffle tickets on whatever prizes you like most – maybe you’ll win!  More info on prizes will be coming soon.

Have fun reading and writing all summer long! If you need anything from me (another sticker log, some coloring pages, more books – you name it), just let me know.  A library dragon always loves to help.

Happy reading!