Baxter Show-Off Show

Baxter Show-Off Show Information

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, who says we have to finish on time? We’ve got one more show-off for you on this beautiful June morning! John Lanza has been busy crafting these breathtakingly gorgeous wooden architectural elements and trims. What a lovely way to make a space feel warm and inviting – and unique! And what a special talent! Thanks, John!

Ladies and gentlemen – don’t rush off just yet! There’s been a late addition to the Show-Off Show! Suzanne Skarsten and her daughters, Elsa and Nellie, have been cooking up a storm! Suzanne says, “The first (two) pictures are of the dishes we made for the May 17 Norway Constitution Day celebration (Syttende Mai). Kvævfjordkake, or Verdens Beste, has been labeled ‘world’s best cake.’ It’s layered sponge, cream and meringue. We also made some delicious sour cream cardamom waffles or vaffler. (The third photo) is a cake made from stinging nettles foraged from our yard. It was divine! And our sourdough game has been getting better!

Yum! What a scrumptious show-off! (I wonder why I feel so hungry all of a sudden….) Thanks, Suzanne!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the Baxter Show-Off Show has finally come to the end – but not without one more incredible show-off! The extraordinarily talented, five-year-old Eleanor has been busy with handwork.  Her mother Emma writes, “Here is a doll she sewed from a kit provided by her school, a pillow she sewed for the doll, her first knitting project which is sometimes a scarf and sometimes a doll blanket, and her longest finger-weaving project.  She’s been inspired by a favorite library book Extra Yarn by Mac Barnett.” Thank you Emma and Eleanor! And thanks, again, to all of our fabulous contributors! Let’s give them all a big round of applause!!

The creativity and talent in and around Sharon just doesn’t end. Lizzie Curran created these dazzling beaded earrings! Magnificent!

Witness, ladies and gentlemen, the incredible talents of Judi Kehoe! She’s been busy these last few weeks – busy for a cause! She says, “Here are a few things that are keeping me busy during the Stay Safe, Stay Home time in Vermont. All are for sale and proceeds would be used for The Prouty fundraiser.” Talented AND generous! Thanks, Judi!

We’ve got lots more show-offs today! In this ring, witness the astonishing talents of Denise Dwyer who’s not only been painting, but building planters! Oh, my! Thanks, Denise!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls – children of all ages – to the final day of the Baxter Show-Off Show! Kimberly Teller sent in these photos of the impressive raised bed garden her husband Jon constructed. “The fence isn’t quite finished yet,” she tells me, “but will be soon!” What an incredible gift! I can just imagine these beds overflowing with colorful, ripe veggies! Extraordinary! Thanks, Kimberly!

For years, Art Stacy has been crafting “lovingly handmade Urns for family members who have passed on.” He says, “Upon isolating in my home shop, my first mission was to make one for my Mother-in-Law, who passed in December.  In woodworking, it is just as easy to make a batch as a one-off item. So I set about making them for every family member of my generation (including myself)… you know, just in case.” What a splendid (and beautiful) way to remember a loved one. Thanks, Art!

Dee Gish has been working from home, and she says she’s “been appreciating the wonderful birds visiting our bird feeder this spring.  I’ve been painting many of my favorites.” Wow! The sparrows and goldfinches have been at my feeders, too, but I could never capture them like this! What breathtaking skill! Thanks, Dee!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the show that never ends! (Okay, well, it ends tomorrow, so get those show-offs in quick as you can!) This morning, we have Sarah Canterbury’s dazzling knits! What little girl wouldn’t love to dress up in one of these lovely pieces? And it looks like the weather is finally just right. Thanks, Sarah! You are a knitter extraordinaire!

The Baxter Show-Off Show continues with Eileen Lanza and her fabulous quilts! On the ends are colorful baby quilts she stitched for twin girls due next month. “Their mother-to-be picked the patterns and wanted them to look vintage,” she says. Wowza! What lucky little ones!

Last year, Eileen donated a beautiful quilt to the library where it was raffled off at the annual Book, Plant and Bake Sale. This year has presented some challenges when it comes to the sale, but the show must go on, and Eileen has donated another quilt – the blue quilt you see in the middle. Don’t worry – the trustees are hard at work figuring out how to keep the raffle alive. Yes, you heard right – the lovely blue quilt could be yours! What a generous way to use your crafty talent, Eileen! Huge thanks to you!

It’s day three of the Show-Off Show, and this morning we kick things off with Karen McNall! Karen has been making beautiful greeting cards during the quarantine. She’s also teaching virtual classes on cardmaking. You can visit her site or her Facebook page to see more creations. You can even sign up for an upcoming class! Thanks, Karen!

Judi Lowell and her husband, Craig Meier, do woodworking in their barn/workshop/studio. Craig focuses on wood turning, and Judi creates sculptures, earring trees, mobiles and air plant hangers. She says, “We both love our ‘work’ and are having no difficulty adjusting to quarantine.” You can find more of their creations on their website Wood Interpretations and on their Etsy page. Pictured here is a cherry burl bowl created by Craig and Judi’s “Meteor Burst” – a perfect home for a few air plants! Thanks, Judi and Craig!

The Show-Off Show continues this morning with library trustee Mary Stoddard who has been busy creating her garden and nurturing her chickens. I don’t know about you, but asparagus season can’t arrive soon enough for me. Is there any better way to spend the time at home that growing food? I think not. And she’s not the only one! Stay tuned for more gardens later in the Show!

Let’s get things started with our very first show-off! A former Baxter ringmaster, herself, Rachel Clark sent in a photograph of an incredible denim rug she made! She notes that the rug “is made out several pairs of my son’s outgrown & blown-out jeans.  He’s home from junior year college internship and we hoed out his room. : ) The project design came from the book Reinvention by Maya Donenfeld….  The raw edges are meant to fray in the wash over time to look like foam on water.”

What a great way to use old jeans! Thanks, Rachel!