Simon Brooks, storyteller extraordinaire

Join us at the Baxter Library in Sharon VT, on July 2nd at 2 pm, to share a special storytime. Award-winning
British  storyteller Simon Brooks will come to the library, with his bodhrán, sound effects, and  many, many character voices will engross the most jaded of
children, whilst  entertaining their caregivers at the same time. Stories from
times long  ago will excite and thrill listeners of all ages as Simon weaves his magic  and draws his audience into  places and times of wonder.  Giants are  part of the hills; you can see their faces, great bellies and feet as they lay  on their backs sleeping, caves their ears and noses.  The wee folk, the Fay, the Faeries live in  the hills and mountains, to come out on the full moon.  Simon will wake the giants, and dance with  the Faeries when he tells their tales and stories to
families of all ages.